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Kerala Recipes - an introduction to the great kerala cuisine Apart from the be....
Kerala Recipes - an introduction to the great kerala cuisine Apart from the beautiful landscape and greenery, another popular attraction of Kerala popularly known as Gods Own Country, is the delicious dishes of Kerala Cuisine. The culinary skills and expertise of the people of Kerala deserves appreciation. Kerala recipes reflect the culture, history and tradition of a typical Malayali. Kerala recipes are unique and special and differ from state to state. Basically Kerala recipes are spicy flavored and colorful. Rice and coconut based dishes are very popular. Muslims in Malabar are renowned for their non-vegetarian dishes like Thalassery Biriyani, kallumakaya ularthu etc. Keralites have food three times a day and there are appropriate and specific dishes for each category. Idiyappam with egg gravy, puttu with kadala curry, Appam with chicken/beef/egg stew, idly with sambar/chutney are some of the common breakfast dishes. Lunch comprises of a typical meal with boiled rice, avial, sambar, thoran and pappad. A variety of non-vegetarian dishes like fish, prawns and meat accompany as side dish. There are also other crunchy items like pappad, banana chips and jackfruit chips which are included in a traditional meal. Traditionally food is served on a banana leaf. During festival occasions like Onam, food is served on banana leaves thereby making us aware of this age old tradition. Kerala is known as the æLand of SpicesÆ. Owing to ample cultivation and availability of various spices, spicy foods are very popular. Non vegetarian dishes in Kerala Cuisine are generally rich and too spicy. Vegetarian meals are moderately spiced and hence foreigners and tourists find it easy on stomach. Dishes cooked with the available local ingredients, are healthy and authentic for a foreign visitor who has change of oil, water and ambience. Kerala food is cooked in coconut oil as the fruit is grown in plenty. Recent studies have proved that coconut oil is very healthy and reverses or improves AlzheimerÆs disease, diabetes, helps with hypothyroidism, heals many skin diseases etc.
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