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READY IN 20 Minutes
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to make Banana Cake - Kerala Style
    to make Banana Cake - Kerala Style
  • 1)Cut banana into small triangular pieces.
  • 2)Beat eggs well with sugar and cardamom.
  • 3)Put ghee, fry cashew and raisins in a baking dish and keep aside.
  • 4)Fry banana in the same ghee till it turns brown.
  • 5)Add the egg mixture to the fried banana with cashew and raisins.
  • 6)Stir once lightly to set the mix.
  • 7)Close the dish and cook in low flame for 5 - 6 mins.
  • 8)When ready, turn it over on a serving plate.

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    Seperb reciepe.Instant and delicious.

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