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to make Banana Jam
    to make Banana Jam
  • 1)Remove the outer skin of the bananas and chop into small pieces.
  • 2)Take a vessel and put the banana pieces into it. Pour water sufficient enough to cook. Boil for sometime in medium heat and remove from flame when done.
  • 3)Sieve the cooked bananas through a clean cloth.
  • 4)Into the banana syrup add sugar, lemon juice and clove. Stir continuously and boil in medium heat. Remove the scum that deposits on the surface.
  • 5)After the syrup has achieved a thick consistency add the red color. Remove from fire.
  • 6)Pour the hot jam into clean dry bottles. Place these bottles on a wooden piece while filling with jam. Cool the jam and close tightly with lid.
  • 7)Banana jam is ready. Enjoy homemade jam with bread etc.

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