Biscuit Pudding

A pudding with Marie Biscuits

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30 min
Recipe by sheeja nizar
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  • Biscuit Pudding

Biscuit Pudding

A pudding with Marie Biscuits

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Biscuit Pudding


Step 1. Place condensed milk, nestle cream, dream whip, 1/2 tsp coffee powder in a blender and blend it well for about 10 mins.
Step 2. Heat a little water and add the remaining coffee powder to it.
Step 3. Take a setting bowl in which a layer of biscuits dipped in the warm water is placed.
Step 4. Pour a little of the blended mixture on top of this.
Step 5. Form another layer of biscuits and pour the mixture again.
Step 6. Repeat the procedure until all the biscuits are over.
Step 7. Keep aside for 15 mins.
Step 8. Mix the pudding with a spoon until all the ingredients are uniformly distributed.
Step 9. :- The pudding should not become a paste.
Step 10. For garnishing, you may use other nuts like peanuts, pistachios or raisins.
Step 11. Leave it in the refrigerator to set.

I tried a pudding with marie biscuit as per your recipe given in this site......pudding was delicious and everybody liked it....all credits to you.


i tried it but am not sure what to expect. of course the taste was good. it would be better if the exact quantities for the ingredients are mentioned as per weight.


I liked it. you can add chocolate powder or boost too to the mixture.


hvnt tried this version ,but frm reading it,i hve understood this is just another version of tiramisu...

shamna lal

hi mam,thank you so much for such a delicious recipe.


can u explain me what is the dream whip? is it whipped cream


Thank you for such a good and easy recipe...came out really well...


my first, not ready made` dessert i tried. got a very good feed back from my guests. thanks a lot... yet, i felt it was giving out the creams` flavour more. if it was not my particular cream`s difference maybe you can add a dash more of essence ...


I was very surprised to get such a delicious food in a less time. Normally i don`t like biscuits, but this option changed my approach towards biscuits. ups! delicious. keep posting


It is very easy to prepare and tasty. Thank to Sheeja

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Biscuit Pudding

A pudding with Marie Biscuits

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