READY IN 40 Minutes
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to make Butter Naan
    to make Butter Naan
  • 1)Dissolve yeast in luke warm milk and cover it with a damp cloth and wait for 5-10 mins for the yeast to be frothy.
  • 2)Mix the dry ingredients (maida, baking soda ,salt and sugar).
  • 3)Add wet ingredients (lightly beaten egg, curd, yeast and veg oil) to the above dry mix.
  • 4)Knead it well until u get a very soft dough.
  • :- It will be very sticky initially but by continuous kneading and by adding very little flour it will become non sticky. Do not add more flour because naan will become hard.
  • 5)Keep the dough covered with a damp cloth for 4 hrs.
  • 6)Knead it for 5 mins after every 1 hr so the dough will double in volume.
  • 7)Punch out the gas and make equal sized 4 balls and flatten it.
  • :- Do not make it too thin. Make punches on the naan using forks.
  • 8)Heat an iron griddle on the stove and transfer the naan onto the griddle.
  • 9)Wait until it starts to bubble on the top side. Cook the other side in flame and add butter.
  • :- Serve hot with chicken curry.

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