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to make Caramel Pudding - Kerala Style
    to make Caramel Pudding - Kerala Style
  • For making the caramel: 1)Boil together water and sugar and bring to the brown colour consistency, that you require.
  • 2)Once the sugar comes to the boiling level, put the flame off.
  • 3)Add butter and mix well.
  • :- Take care not to spill as, the sugar will froth, once you add the butter to sugar.
  • 4)Pour it immediately on a baking dish, preferably, a brosil flat dish.
  • For making the custard: 1)Separate the egg yolk and white.
  • 2)Beat the egg white to fluffy and keep aside.
  • 3)Beat the egg yolk and milkmaid together.
  • 4)Add the milk to the egg mixture.
  • 5)Beat for another 5 minutes.
  • 6)Add the essence and fold in the egg white, do not beat the egg while, just fold it in with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • 7)Double boil the mixture, till the custard starts to thicken. 8)Pour into the dish in which the caramel has been prepared and kept ready. By now, the caramel will be cool and rock hard.
  • 9)Pour some water on the baking tray and put the baking dish into the water.
  • 10)Cover the dish with aluminium foil and bake in about 180 degrees for about 30 minutes and reduce to 160 degree about another 20 minutes.
  • 11)Once the dish is set, allow it to cool to bring it to room temperature.
  • 12)Refigerate it.

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    peter hayes

    this was a very tasty and delisious caramal pudding i think every one should try it!!!


    it was really good...i just followed the recipe and got it good...thanks...


    Hey Anu, I have a few questions ... I tried ur recipe and my sugar syrup was too watery that it didnt become rock hard on cooling down. While preparing the custard, the milk began to curdle ... does this happen ... anyway i tried ur recipe but it didnt come out the way as expected .. what to do???


    I think its a good recipe....just that the caramalising bit won`t work out as per your direction. It is probably better to caramalise as we usually do for cakes...put sugar into a pan and once you get the desired colour, simply add some hot water to it...this will result in the right consistency.

    tanha rahman

    i think its probably nice because never made this caramel pudding!hope its okay!!!


    The curdling of the milk usually happens if the milk is not very fresh. However curdling of both milk and egg in this recipe can be prevented by adding some corn starch to the recipe while mixing


    May be this recipee didn t need a 5* rating then , Ash !

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