Chena Erissery

Elephant Yam(Chena) erissery

Recipe by Rugmini Kamalan
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30 min
  • Chena Erissery

Chena Erissery

Elephant Yam(Chena) erissery

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4 Adult(s)
Chena Erissery


Elephant Yam(Chena) - 300 gm
(cut into small pieces)
Van payar - 50 gm
Black pepper - 4 nos
Garlic pods - 1 - 2 nos
Dry red chillies(Kollamulaku) - 1 - 2 nos


1. Clean van payar well and filter it to get rid of the small stones.
2. Cook it by adding enough water, turmeric powder and chilly powder.
3. When the payar is nearly cooked, add chena and allow it to cook.
4. Grind together grated coconut, cumin seeds, black pepper and garlic into a coarse form.
5. :- Make sure that it doesn¦t become a paste.
6. When the chena and payar are fully cooked, add the above ground mixture.
7. Add some water and salt and allow it to cook.
8. Remove from flame when it¦s done.
9. Fry 3 tbsp of grated coconut and add it to this mixture.
10. Heat oil in a pan.
11. Splutter mustard seeds, dry red chillies and curry leaves.
12. Add the above seasoning into the chena curry.
13. :- Similarly, you can make yellow pumpkin(mathanga) erissery. Try it out!!!

It was the first time I was making Erissery. I used 1 green banana cut into small pieces instead of the van payar and it came out very well. Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe, will try it with van payar very soon.


Yummy!!!! and Simple...


hai, its a wonderful dish.thanks yar


that was the right way to say how to do it.please send more nadan receipes.(grandma`s style)


hai it came out really tasty.thanks for the recipe.


dear rugmini- great recipe i tried it- Happy onam and thank you for ure recipe hope there will be more to come...ure exact measures are helpful....

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