Dosa Kerala Recipe

Kerala Dosa Breakfast Dish recipe

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20 min
Recipe by Pinky R
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  • Dosa Kerala Recipe

Dosa Kerala Recipe

Kerala Dosa Breakfast Dish recipe

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Dosa Kerala Recipe


Step 1. Wash and soak rice and dal separately for few hours.
Step 2. Grind rice and dal separately, adding required quantity of water.
Step 3. Mix rice, dal and salt. Add little water and stir well to form a loose batter.
Step 4. Keep it overnight to ferment.
Step 5. Pour one spoon full of batter on a greased frying pan as thin as possible.
Step 6. Pour 1 tsp of oil on its edges.When the base is golden brown, turn the side and cook well.
Step 7. :- Serve dosa hot with cocOnut chutney. Dosa is also best suited with sambar or tomoto chutney.

no need of baking soda at all..instead follow this.. 5cups uncooked rice : 1cup urad dal : 1 cup cooked rice(u can add 1 tsp if fenugrrek which gives a golden color to the dosa) also dont use too much of water while grinding. For fermenting in winter-->preheat oven to 250F and switch it off..then place the batter bowl will ferment for sure in less thn 8hrs


Depends on which continent you live, you may need to add Baking soda in some areas of USA/CANADA and British...not in Middle east and in India..This is all because of the weather change...


hi , it is nice


Please try and add the quality of food we are trying to : using this recipe we can make 20 dosas....give us an idea of how many it could feed


No need to add baking soda. Keep the batter on a refridgerator overnight. It will rise.

Simmy Pramod

This recipe is very nice.No need of adding baking soda.The batter will fermints by itself.


The dosa batter ferments on its own if kept overnight. In cold temperatures it may be required to keep it longer . So grind it in the morning and keep for 24 hrs.

vismaya baking powder at all unless u want make tosa. the batter ferments itself at room temperature. keep it in room temperature overnight. then refrigerate


there is no need of adding baking soda in dosha/idli mix. whats needed is keep the mix overnight for fermentation.


Hi, My husband is a great lover of "MASALA DOSA" I always look for different recipes I just happen to surf your website & found interesting & mouthwatering Dosa recipe before making them I wanted confirm, Do you use Black whole dhal or half broken dhal?


instead of 4 cups of rice use three cups of rice also grind 1/2 cup of coocooked rice to make dosa little bit more soft. Please do not add baking soda.

Annie John

You can make Dosa without baking soda!!!!!. After mixing the batter, place it in a lightly warm place for 8-10 hours. During winter time, preheat the oven so that it is slightly warm ....then place the batter bowl inside, MAKE SURE TO TURN THE OVEN OFF AFTER YOU PLACE THE BATTER INSIDE. The batter should rise after 8-10 hrs.


Hi, I tried this recipe, & my batter didnt rise. Is it necessary to add baking soda? Pls let me know. Thanks

jemshi ahmed

please include baking soda and a little bit of fenugreek seeds into it.without baking soda this recipe is incomplete


you have not included baking soda in the can u make a dosa without it.




try this .this is a very good breakfast dish

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Idli Breakfast dish

Dosa Kerala Recipe

Kerala Dosa Breakfast Dish recipe

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