Dry Fish Chutney

Dry fish or Unakkameen thenga chammanthy

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  • Dry Fish Chutney

Dry Fish Chutney

Dry fish or Unakkameen thenga chammanthy

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Dry Fish Chutney


Dried fish(any fleshy fish) - 1/4 kg
Grated coconut - 3 cup
Dried red chillies (Kollamulaku) - 4 nos
Pepper - 1/4 tsp
Baby onions(Kunjulli) - 6 nos
Oil for frying


Step 1. Seperate the flesh from the fish and wash thorughly in water(this is to remove the salt). Drain the water and sundry it.
Step 2. Once dried, fry the fish in oil (preferably sesame oil).
Step 3. :- The fried fish should be crunchy.
Step 4. Drain the oil and once done, powder it.
Step 5. In a bottom thick pan, Add Grated Coconut, Dried Red Chillies, Pepper, Fenugreek seeds & Curry leaves and saute well.
Step 6. When the color of the coconut changes and all the ingredients become golden brown, stop frying and let the mixture cool in the pan.
Step 7. Baby onions, Ginger, Tamarind and Salt mix coarsely (tharutharuppayi) just like sand.
Step 8. Once the mix is cool, add the fish and mix well.
Step 9. Store in a clean airtight container.
Step 10. :- Be careful to avoid wet spoon as wetness can spoil the mix.

The chutney was really good, my children liked it very much, thanks a lot.


Very good.Thanks for this recipe...Plz post more of this kind....


thanks 100 vatam ..was craving for this


very nice somya..

Reetha George

dear nalla chammanthy.. Thanks for the recipe


ayyo enikangu ishtappatte ee chammanthy


good to eat w ith boildrice

Sowmya Pillai

Joyce, After frying the second category ingredients add onions, ginger( can chop it) and Tamarind( shredded it to bits by hand). Then add this mix to a grinder and powder it. It wont become a fine powder so is the reason i wrote coarsely. Enjoy!!


See how r u doing the 3rd category ? How r u powdering the tamarind ? Please let me know


Could u explain how u r doing the 3rd category, Tamarind which one vallam or kodam .

leela menon

wow,this is very vry tasty .I am settled down in ernakulam and i love cooking.I searched this site for some varieties to repare for my kids who are settled outside india and comes to see me once in a year.This time i know a new dish,Thanks sowmya


I had this recipe with me from one of my friends mom and had lost it later.When i saw this recipe it reminde me abt my degree days.Anyways this is very tasty and i enjoy it with rice and parippu curry when i feel like not cooking.

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