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READY IN 30 Minutes
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to make Ethakkai Mezhukkupuratti
    to make Ethakkai Mezhukkupuratti
  • 1)Cut the plantains into two vertical halves and then cut them into 1 cm thick pieces. 

    2)Put them in water along with a little turmeric powder for a little while to get rid of the sticky serum.

    3)Place them in a vessel along with turmeric powder and salt and cook, till done and all the water content gets evaporated. 

    4)Meanwhile, crush the shallots. 

    5)Grind the dry red chillies in a mixer grinder. You can also use readymade crushed chillies. 

    6)Heat oil in a pan and add the crushed shallots and sautT along with the crushed red chillies. 

    7)Add a little salt and sautT till they turn translucent. Do not fry until brown. 

    8)Add the cooked kai and mix well. 

    9)Add more oil, if required and mix well. 

    10)SautT till the kai turns crispy. 

    11)Serve warm with rice and any curry.

    Now, for those who find peeling n crushing shallots and grinding red chillies as a tiresome task, you can cook the plantains along with thinly sliced onion (a close substitute) and slit green chillies and when the water content has evaporated, you can add oil and sautT till crispya This gives another taste to the whole thinga.though I prefer crushed shallots and chilliesa.as the shallots give a bit of sweet touch to it along with the spiciness of the red chilliesaall materializing from a simple, effortless joba..
  • So, on that simplicity note, happy cooking!!!

Note : Tasty
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