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READY IN 20 Minutes
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to make Ethapazham (Banana) Puttu
    to make Ethapazham (Banana) Puttu
  • 1)Cut the ripe plantain into small cubes.
  • 2)Mix it with sugar and little coconut and keep it aside.
  • 3)Mix together required amount of water and salt.
  • 4)Sprinkle the salt water slowly over the rice flour and mix well.
  • 5)Continue this process till the flour becomes wet and smooth. :-Do not use too much water. (The perfect stage to stop the process is to take a handful of wet flour in the hand, just press it and open the fist. If the flour remain as a solid chunk without breaking or splitting apart, you can stop the process.)
  • 6)Add little grated coconut into the prepared flour and mix well. :- To make soft puttu, just grind the wet flour in a mixer.
  • 7)For preparing puttu, put a layer of grated coconut into the puttu kutti (puttu maker) followed by the plantain mix and rice flour and then again a layer of plantain and finally a layer of grated coconut.
  • 8)Steam it for 5 to 8 minutes until the steam passes from the top of the puttu kutti.
  • :- Serve it hot!!!

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