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to make Filter Coffee
    to make Filter Coffee
  • 1)Heat 3 cups/250ml of water in a bowl.
  • 2)Add 6 tbsp of sugar to that.
  • 3)Keep 3 spoons of filter coffee powder in another bowl by side.
  • 4)Pour the boiling water sugar solution to the coffee powder and close the container with a lid.
  • :- This is called coffee dicoction.
  • 5)Stir the dicoction with a spoon and again so that it gets mixed well and close the lid.
  • 6)Let the dicoction settle down for 5 - 10 mins.
  • 7)Filter it out to another glass, leaving behind the coffee powder.
  • 8)Mix the filter coffee dicoction with as much milk needed and serve.
  • :- Usually, 1 cup milk needs 1 cup filter dicoction. It tastes just like filter coffee or bru coffee.

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    Hi Bindu.. Thanks soo much for sharing this wonderful recipe.. Did try out but with a coffee filter. and it was great!! N`joy madi..


    hi bindu, this is excellent, we can make good coffee without having coffee maker.. thanks a lot

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