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READY IN 10 Minutes
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to make Indian Veg Sandwich
    to make Indian Veg Sandwich
  • For the Green chutney:- 1)Heat the oil in a pan.
  • 2)Add black gram, red chilli followed by sliced onion and fry until it browns slightly.
  • 3)Add the tamarind, raisins and fry for further 1 min.
  • 4)Add the coriander, mint leaves and fry for a minute.
  • 5)Let it cool and grind it to a chutney with a little salt.
  • For the Tomato sauce:- 1)Mix all the ingredients together.
  • For making the sandwich:- 1)Apply butter on two slices.
  • 2)Apply green chutney on these two slices.
  • 3)Place the vegetables slices on these two slices.
  • 4)Place the cheese layer.
  • 5)Apply the tomato sauce on the remaining two slices and place these on the prepared slices to complete the sandwich.
  • 6)Cut into triangles to reveal vegetables between a green and red layer.
  • :- Make the chutney in advance. This comes for a week in the refrigirator. You just need to slice vegetables, spread the chutney and arrange the sandwich in the morning.
  • :- For adults, you can increase the spicyness by adding a little pepper powder on the vegetables before placing the cheese slice.
  • :- For the diet conscious ones, cheese and butter can be avoided. The sandwich is equally tasty.

    Comment list

    The children loved it as it was different from the routine idly and dosai.In fact they wanted more of it.Nice to learn the recipes.


    i tried. very nice sandwitch. thanks saumya

    Priyanka Manivannan

    It is really a good n healthy recipe.


    This tasted delicious. I used to take this very thing to school during these summers. It is awesome. I did not put thee boiled potatoes in it. I at times also used simple ketchup instead of the red chutney. It is yummmmmmmyyyyyyyyy.

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