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READY IN 50 Minutes
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to make Kerala Black Halwa
    to make Kerala Black Halwa
  • 1)Soak well the raw rice or pachari in water.
  • 2)Grind it into a fine powder.
  • 3)Extract first, second and third milk from the grated coconuts.
  • :- The thick coconut milk should be 1 glass, while you can extract as much as you can from the rest to get second and third milk so as to get 9 glasses. In short, you should have 10 glasses of coconut milk of which the thick milk comes to 1 glass and the rest should come to 9 glasses.
  • 4)Place jaggery in a vessel kept on flame and dissolve it in very little water and strain it to get rid of the sediments.
  • 5)Place a large vessel preferably a Urali on fire.
  • 6)Add 9 glasses (combined) of second and third coconut milk, clear jaggery solution and the rice powder.
  • 7)Mix well and see to it that no lumps are formed.
  • 8)Stir continuously.
  • 9)When it starts to thicken, pour ghee and thick or first coconut milk alternately while stirring continuously.
  • 10)When it really thickens, which you can test by taking a little of it in your hands and if it doesn¦t get sticky, then, add cashews, powdered cardamoms and vanilla essence.
  • 11)Mix well.
  • 12)Grease a flat plate with ghee.
  • 13)Pour the above hot mixture into the greased plate.
  • 14)Using a spoon coated with sufficient ghee (in order to give a glazy look to the halwa), spread the mixture well in the plate.
  • 15)Allow it to cool.
  • 16)Cut it into desired shapes.

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