Kerala Chicken Curry

Tasty chicken curry with thick coconut milk gravy. The spicy flavor is captivating.

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40 min
Recipe by sreekala s
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  • Kerala Chicken Curry
  • Kerala Chicken Curry

Kerala Chicken Curry

Tasty chicken curry with thick coconut milk gravy. The spicy flavor is captivating.

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4 Adult(s)
Kerala Chicken Curry


Chicken – 1 kg
Small onion(Kunjulli) – 1/2 cup(cut into halves)
Grated coconut - 1/2 cup
Garlic cloves – 8 nos
Black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
Chicken masala – 1 tsp
For seasoning:
Small onions(Kunjulli) – 3 nos(finely chopped)
Fry and grind to a powder the following:
Cinnamon(Karugapatta) - a small piece


Step 1. Cut chicken into small pieces.
Step 2. Grind together ginger and garlic into a coarse form.
Step 3. Extract 1 cup of coconut milk from the grated coconut and keep aside.
Step 4. Heat oil in an non stick pan or kadai.
Step 5. Add onions and saute in a low flame.
Step 6. Cover and stir occasionally.
Step 7. When it turns to golden brown, add green chillies and saute.
Step 8. Add ground ginger and garlic and saute well.
Step 9. Heat chilly and coriander powder together in another pan.
Step 10. Add it to the kadai followed by turmeric, pepper powder and previously roasted spices powder.
Step 11. Pour 1 tsp of oil into the pan.
Step 12. Add chicken masala and saute for 2 minutes.
Step 13. Add tomato and curry leaves.
Step 14. When tomato becomes tender, add chicken and saute, until its color changes.
Step 15. Add salt and half the coconut milk with little water(not too thick).
Step 16. Cover and cook on a low flame.
Step 17. When gravy thickens, add the remaining coconut milk and remove from fire.
Step 18. Heat oil in a small pan.
Step 19. Splutter mustard seeds.
Step 20. Fry chopped small onions and a few curry leaves.
Step 21. Pour it into the curry for garnishing and to enhance the taste and flavor.
Step 22. :-Serve Kerala Chicken Curry hot.

Thank you for the recipe. I tried it in 6kg chicken for a party and it came out very well. Every one liked it...

James Edwards

Recipe looks really god and I can't wait to cook, just one question: What do you mean by Chicken masala in the ingredients. Do you mean Garam Masala or similar? Thanks in advance. James


I tried.. very gud...


Thnx.I tried.Excellent.Vowww.send more recipies sreekala


SIMPLY SUPERB....!!!!!!!!! This was the first time I did a chicken curry and it came out so well tht I cudn`t really believe I did it... :)sure i would be trying this again.Thanx a lot for this wonderful recipe and keep posting.


Thank you for helping me to make my first chicken curry ,and it turned out great!!!Keep up the good work.


Thanks for sharing this excellent dish... tried this and it turned to be excellent . In fact i tried almost all the high rated kerala chicken dishes mentioned in this site(curry/gravy) and this one turned out to be the winner. Exactly the same taste of my sisters chicken dish.

rajasree arun

It was really excellent. Expecting more...thank you.


I tried, my husband and child enjoyed very much


Sreekala - You are the woman!, good recipe. This was my first attempt to prepare a chicken gravy and it turned out to be THE BEST. Thanks very much. Aby.

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Kerala Chicken Curry

Tasty chicken curry with thick coconut milk gravy. The spicy flavor is captivating.

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