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READY IN 20 Minutes
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to make Kerala Mambazha Pulissery
    to make Kerala Mambazha Pulissery
  • 1)Cook mango with green chilly, ginger, salt and turmeric powder.
  • :- Do not overcook.
  • 2)Mix coconut powder and yoghurt in a bowl.
  • 3)Pour it into the cooked mango, stirr under low flame for 2 mins. Switch off the flame.
  • 4)Heat the oil in a tawa.
  • 5)Splutter mustard seeds and add fenugreek and saute until brown.
  • 6)Add chopped small onion, garlic, broken red chillies and curry leaves.
  • 7)Saute until the onion gets its well-known colour and aroma.
  • 8)Pour this over the mango.
  • :- You may need to adjust salt according to the sourness of mango and yoghurt.

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    Subi Sangeeth

    Jijo, I tried your recipe. Good one dude!!


    I think this is not the real mampazha pulisseri. Anyway this is also good.


    hey..this is no mambaza pulissery!!!!.....an advice to the one who wrote this recipe.....go to the other mambaza pulissery link and try that.... that is the actual mambaza pulissery for your kind information...coconut powder?... for mambaza pulissery?...r u nuts??.....

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