Kerala Parotta

Home Made Easy Tasty Kerala Parotta

Recipe by Febby Lancelot
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45 min
  • Kerala Parotta
  • Kerala Parotta

Kerala Parotta

Home Made Easy Tasty Kerala Parotta

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Kerala Parotta


1. Take a medium sized bowl and mix well the flour,salt and baking soda.
2. Add hot water using a wooden spoon.
3. To this add oil/dalda.
4. Mix smoothly by using hands.
5. Close the bowl with its lid and keep it for about an hour.
6. Make 4 lemon sized ball of dough and roll it in a flat surface. :-Make thin as soon as possible and dont care about the shape.
7. After rolling, brush the top of the rolled dough with little more oil and fold it like sari fleets from one end to other.
8. Then make it to coil form by rounding from one end to other.
9. Brush its top /bottom side with little more oil.
10. Again roll it to flat. :- Do not make very thin, then it will be like frilled parotta.
11. Heat the pan and add oil and fry the parotta till done.
12. After taking from the pan, beat the hot parotta with your hand for releasing the layers of parotta.(just like clapping)
13. :- You can serve it with korma, chicken curry, egg curry etc.

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