Kerala Porotta (Paratha)

The fluffy, layering porottas can be easily prepared at home. Goes well with beef or chicken curry.

Recipe by L Raj
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1 hour
  • Kerala Porotta (Paratha)
  • Kerala Porotta (Paratha)

Kerala Porotta (Paratha)

The fluffy, layering porottas can be easily prepared at home. Goes well with beef or chicken curry.

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4 Adult(s)
Kerala Porotta (Paratha)


Soda powder - 1/2 tsp or 1 tsp


1. Cover the dough with a wet cloth for aleast 4 hrs.
2. Make small balls off the dough and roll them out like chappathis but in oval shape.
3. Put this on a pan on low flame till the kerala porotta (paratha) is ready.
4. :- Serve kerala porotta (paratha) with beef or mutton or chicken curry.
5. Make pleats so as to look like a hand made paper fan.
6. Roll it holding on one end to form a round. This is done to get the layers. Then roll out to make it like a chappathi.
7. knead the dough once again with hands.
8. use both hands and pat on the sides of the kerala porotta (paratha) to get the layers.
9. Add oil and the rest of the ingredients and make a soft dough. Make sure to pat the dough hard on a clean surface to make it soft.
10. rub oil.
11. :- Make sure to roll only on one side with the chappathi stick.
12. :- kerala porotta (paratha) is ready.
13. Mix together maida and wheat flour in a vessel.

Very nice recipe . It's delicious


I am not a professional cook. But I have tried several recipes for porotta. This one is found to be the best. It is found to be better than the Porottas served in expensive hotels, let alone thattukadas. I used olive oil in place of oil.


Tried it but I think one egg will do instead of 2




If you really want to make nice porotta...Watch the way they make it when you visit Thattukada next time.. The perfection depents on the way you make it..and ofcourse you will have to use lot of oil while preparing the mix...


Its good..the recipe is quite useful.


Very Nice, and Thanks for Recipe, L Raj


Pretty good. Came out a bit hard and not in layers initially. But then with trials and a lot of oil it started coming out decently


I was always wondering to make porotta...thankyou a lot

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