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READY IN 30 Minutes
to make Kerala Style Crab Curry
    to make Kerala Style Crab Curry
  • 1)Clean the crab, separate the legs and break the shell.
  • 2)Peel the onion and slice it.
  • 3)Peel the ginger, and crush it.
  • 4)Slice the chillies in length wise.
  • 5)In an earthen pot from Kerala or heavy bottomed pan, pour the oil.
  • 6)Splutter the mustard seeds.
  • 7)SautT sliced onion until soft.
  • 8)Add the chilly powder, turmeric and salt soaked in little water.
  • 9)Add to ginger and onion.
  • 10)Reduce the heat to minimum and add the crab and the legs too and curry leaves too.
  • 11)Add green chilies, lower the heat and cover the pan.
  • 12)Cook until crabs are done.
  • 13)Remove from heat and garnish with curry leaves.
  • :- Crab Curry is ready.
  • :- Serve hot the crab curry.

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    This is an excellent recipe THx


    Why i choose average, because the cooking method is not well and nothing about tamarind.

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