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READY IN 40 Minutes
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to make Kerala Style Easy Chicken Biriyani
    to make Kerala Style Easy Chicken Biriyani
  • 1)Mix together the ingredients for marination along with chicken in a bowl.
  • 2)Refrigerate it overnight.
  • :- A minimum of 4 hrs marination is required.
  • 3)Soak the rice in water and keep aside for 2 hours.
  • 4)Heat oil in a pan.
  • 5)Add the marinated chicken and stir well.
  • 6)Saute, until the chicken appears fried on the outside(10 mins).
  • 7)Add onions and continue to saute for another 5 - 6 mins.
  • 8)Add a little black pepper, chicken broth and garam masala.
  • 9)Combine the mixture well, until you can smell the spicy aroma of masala and chicken combined.
  • 10)Add a glass of water.
  • 11)Cover and cook for about 15 mins on a low flame.
  • 12)Heat a tbsp of oil in a pressure cooker.
  • 13)Add the rest of crushed garlic and ginger, cinnamon and cloves and fry.
  • 14)Once the ginger and garlic is fried, add the drained rice and stir the mixture well.
  • :- Do not overfry the rice.
  • 15)Once the rice becomes crisp, add 5 cups of water and salt to taste.
  • :- The chicken masala gravy for the biriyani should appear moist and juicy with all the excess water drained out.
  • 16)Once the rice is cooked, combine the masala and rice in a big bowl.
  • 17)Set the oven to 350 degree celsius and broil for another 10 mins.
  • 18)Garnish with coriander leaves and mint leaves.
  • :- Chicken in the biriyani tastes spicy and delicious, only when it is marinated and kept overnight.

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    kharthiyaini venkatesh

    this recipe taste nice and easy to prepare

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