Kerala Style Masala Dosa

Easy masala dosa for breakfast

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40 min
Recipe by Viji Santhosh
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  • Kerala Style Masala Dosa
  • Kerala Style Masala Dosa

Kerala Style Masala Dosa

Easy masala dosa for breakfast

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2 Adult(s)
Kerala Style Masala Dosa


For dosa:-
Whole Black gram(Uzhunnu) – 50 gm
For masala:-


Step 1. For dosa:-
1)Soak the ingredients in water for about 2 v 3 hrs.
Step 2. Grind it in a blender adding water in steps into a very fine batter.
Step 3. Add salt and keep it overnight for fermentation.
Step 4. For masala:-
1)Heat oil in a pan or a kadai.
Step 5. Splutter mustard seeds .
Step 6. Add onion and sautT till it turns brown.
Step 7. Add ginger-garlic paste and sautT again.
Step 8. Add slit green chillies, turmeric powder, tomatoes and continue to sautT.
Step 9. Add mashed potatoes followed by water and salt.
Step 10. Cook, till it becomes thick.
Step 11. Add chopped coriander leaves and keep it aside.
Step 12. For masala dosa:-
1)Heat up a dosa tawa.
Step 13. Pour a ladle of dosa batter on the tawa and spread it thin.
Step 14. Pour oil or ghee over it .
Step 15. When that side is cooked, place a portion of the masala in the center and cover it with the other half of the dosa.
Step 16. :- You need not turn the dosa to cook both the sides.
Step 17. :- Serve hot with Sambhar and Chutney.

Very nice recipe, i tried this, masala came very nice..


TIPS: Add some sugar and maida with ground rice when making dosa. It will make the dosa crispy..


Good. but where have the green chillies and turmeric powder vanished?


I`m going to try this today.I can guess what to do with green chillies and turmeric powder.

Tom & Ammu

A very tasty reciepie. Easy to cook...Thank you...

Devi Rajesh

It was very tasty. Thanks a lot


yummy receipe...............turned out really well.thanks a lot for a givin a gud receipe!!!

swapna saji

Yummy....excellent taste..worth trying..


its was really yummy........i have been trying this 4 a long time but the masala mix never worked well...thank u.........

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