Kerala Style Murukku

Murukku kerala style

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30 min
Recipe by Rugmini Kamalan
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  • Kerala Style Murukku

Kerala Style Murukku

Murukku kerala style

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4 Adult(s)
Kerala Style Murukku


Sesame seeds(Ellu) - 1 tbsp
Asafoetida(Kayam) - A little


Step 1. Heat the rice flour.
Step 2. Heat the whole black gram, till it¦s light golden brown.
Step 3. Cook black gram in 1 1/2 glass of water.
Step 4. Allow it to cool and grind it in a mixer grinder to make it into a paste.
Step 5. Mix together the above black gram paste, rice flour and salt along with cumin seeds, sesame seeds and asafoetida.
Step 6. Add some water and knead this mixture well to make a dough.
Step 7. Take a seva nazhi and put a portion of this mixture into it.
Step 8. Press the handle to let the mixture come down in the shape of a murukku onto a plastic paper or a plantain leaf(vazha ela).
Step 9. :- Do not forget to put the chillu inside the seva nazhi.
Step 10. Heat oil in a kadai and allow it to boil.
Step 11. Slowly, put these murukku into the oil and fry them.
Step 12. :- Those who can use their fingers to shape the dough in the form of murukku can do so. However, it¦s much easier the other way.
Step 13. Drain oil from Murukku.
Step 14. Keep Murukku in a air tight container to keep the crispiness.
Meenu Sumesh

I Like These Receipe Very Much So Quite


very easy to make..thanks for the very good receipie


Instead of Jeera, Ayamodaka only a pinch is better for kerala style. It is good for digestion also.

ruby chandu

Just now I made my husband s special ari murukku and was excellent.. I am sad that I cannot upload the picture.. thanks for the recipe.. its simple and tasty..



Thank you for this family loved the murukku..

sunitha Dileep

I tried this recipe & has comeout really well.Thanks for shairing this recipe with us.


I tried this recipe it came out well.My husband liked it.Thank you for the recipe


nice murukku, Do not forget to put the ‘chillu’ inside the seva nazhi this was funny,made me laugh

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