Kerala Style Pork Curry

Pork curry

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  • Kerala Style Pork Curry
  • Kerala Style Pork Curry

Kerala Style Pork Curry

Pork curry

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Kerala Style Pork Curry


Pork – 1/2 kg or about 1 lb
(without outer skin layer)
Vinegar - 2 - 3 drops
(finely chopped)
(finely chopped)
For masala:-
Meat masala - 1 ½ tbsp flat
(preferably Eastern Meat Masala)
Black pepper powder - 1 tsp full


Step 1. Cut pork into medium size pieces and wash thoroughly.
Step 2. Mix together turmeric powder, salt and drops of vinegar.
Step 3. Rub the above into the meat by hand.
Step 4. Heat up a pressure cooker.
Step 5. Add the above pork along with 1 1/2 glass(about 300 ml) of water.
Step 6. Pressure cook upto 4 whistles.
Step 7. Heat about 2 tbsp full of oil in a pan.
Step 8. Fry onions and sautT on high flame, till golden brown.
Step 9. Add green chillies and ginger-garlic paste, while the onions are getting fried.
Step 10. Add tomato and sautT on a medium flame for about 3 v 4 mins.
Step 11. SautT, till the tomatoes get mashed up and oil starts separating from the masala.
Step 12. Add coriander powder followed by meat masala powder, black pepper powder and cumin seeds.
Step 13. Stir well, till it turns a dark brown colour and little oil start appearing.
Step 14. When masala is done, add the cooked pork.
Step 15. Stir, till the pork is completely soaked in the masala.
Step 16. Cover and cook on a medium flame for approx 10 mins.
Step 17. Stir occasionally.
Step 18. Add coriander leaves and curry leaves and stir.
Step 19. Cook again for another 2 mins.
Step 20. :- You have an option to add the coriander leaves after the cooking, the way you like.
Step 21. :- Serve hot with white rice or rotti.
Step 22. :- You can make it posh if you have some copra pieces with you.
Step 23. Tips and Tricks:-
As I have mentioned it as a bachelor preparation, let me share with you some tips and tricks to save your time and energy.
Step 24. :- Vinegar drops are added to absorb salt and turmeric fast into the meat. So no need to soak the meat and keep for hours like in traditional style.
:-Start cleaning and cutting onion, while the meat is getting cooked in Pressure cooker.
:-Chopping tomato and slitting green chillies can be done while onion is getting fried. Stir the content in the pan in between.
:-We need to give certain gap before opening the pressure cooker once after the 4th whistle. The entire frying can be done in that gap, this allows meat inside the cooker correctly cooked in the pressure.

Excellent recipe, easy to cook too, i added a bit more vinegar than mentioned to have that extra sourness\acidity

Antony George

It did take a bit of time because it was our first time but at the end it turned out MARVELOUS. Looking forward for some more recipes.

Tajinder kaur

Great! Thxx a lot.


nice one..thanks


Great....I tried it 2-3 times, and its so simple and yummy. Thanks for sharing...


Very delicious recipe.Thank you very much.


Was really good and easy to follow. Am married to Indian. Many thanks..


Really good..


Very good recipe and easy to make. We are looking forward to more recipes from you.

Antony George It did take a bit of a time because it was my first time but at the end it turned out MARVELOUS. Looking forward to see some more recipes. Thank You


Very good recipe


Excellent recipe. Turned out great in the first attempt. Fast and easy.

Your Boss -- Prad.

Good one.... Fundooo


It was really tasty. Your tips and tricks proves you are born cook. Thank you


It is yummy....your tips and tricks are awsome.

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