Maddur Vade

Easy tasty crispy snack

Category : Snacks, Pure Vegetarian
30 min
Recipe by Saraswathi Iyer
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  • Maddur Vade
  • Maddur Vade

Maddur Vade

Easy tasty crispy snack

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4 Adult(s)
Maddur Vade


Small Semolina(Chiroti Rava) - 1 cup
Maida flour – 1 cup
Oil or Ghee - 1/2 cup
Red chilly powder – 1 tsp
Oil to fry


Step 1. Mix rava, maida, rice flour with ghee or hot oil, chillies, salt and curry leaves.
Step 2. Cut onions into thin and long pieces.
Step 3. Now mix everything with little water to a soft dough like chappathi dough.
Step 4. Make medium size balls.
Step 5. Spread it on polythene paper like puri by hand.
Step 6. Fry both sides in oil till they turn golden brown.
Step 7. :- Serve the hot crispy vade with coconut chutney.

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