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READY IN 40 Minutes
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to make Malabar Ari Pathiri
    to make Malabar Ari Pathiri
  • 1)For preparing malabar ari pathiri, first roast the rice flour in low heat till the color changes to creamish. Using a fine mesh, sieve the rice flour.
  • 2)Take a pan and boil the measured water. Add butter and required salt to boiling water.
  • 3)Lower the heat and sprinkle rice flour. Stir continuously and form a smooth dough. Adjust the consistency to that of a chappathi dough.
  • 4)Kneed the dough well with your hands and make sure that no lumps are formed in the dough.
  • 5)Break the rice dough into small lemon sized balls.
  • 6)Dust these rice balls with some rice flour and roll them into thin rounds. :- You can use a chappathi press for rolling out the rice ball.
  • 7)Heat a tawa and place the pathiri in the tawa, one at a time.
  • 8)Press the pathiri occasionally until bubbles are formed. When both sides are done, remove the pathiri from tawa.
  • 9)After removing each pathiri, wipe the tawa with a dry cloth to remove charred flour.
  • 10)Malabari ari pathiri is ready and if you like you can soak in sweetened coconut milk before serving.
  • 11)Malabari ari pathiri tastes best and is irresistible when served with non vegetarian curry.

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