> > > > Musk Melon(Mullen Pazham) Milk Shake
READY IN 5 Minutes
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to make Musk Melon(Mullen Pazham) Milk Shake
    to make Musk Melon(Mullen Pazham) Milk Shake
  • 1)Peal the outer skin of the musk melon, remove the seeds and cut the fruit into small pieces.
  • 2)Put the fruit and sugar in a mixer jar and grind it well(do not add water).
  • 3)To it add chilled milk, ice cubes(vanilla ice scoop if preferred) and whip it twice.
  • 4)Pour the milkshake in glasses and serve.
  • 5)Yummy milk shake is done! Do try this and give your feedback.

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