Mutta Mala - Eid Special

Egg is cooked in boiling sugar water

1 hour
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  • Mutta Mala - Eid Special

Mutta Mala - Eid Special

Egg is cooked in boiling sugar water

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Mutta Mala - Eid Special


Step 1. For preparing mutta mala, boil water and sugar in a pan.
Step 2. Beat the egg yolks and add it through a small hole in the coconut shell so that it falls like a thread in the boiling water. Move your hands in circular motions.
Step 3. Pour it continuously until the egg yolk in the shell has been used up.
Step 4. By this time the yolk will be cooked. Reduce the heat and remove it without breaking it.
Step 5. Drain the excess syrup well before putting it in the plate. For Kinnathappam - Beat the egg whites well. And then add the leftover mutta mala syrup (sugar syrup) to this. Beat well. Add cardamom powder. Steam cook in a bowl. Cut into diamond shape when cooled and place above mutta maala.

This Muttamala picture looks below average. It doesnt look like actual mutta mala

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