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READY IN 1 Hours
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to make Mutta Mala - Eid Special
    to make Mutta Mala - Eid Special
  • 1)For preparing mutta mala, boil water and sugar in a pan.
  • 2)Beat the egg yolks and add it through a small hole in the coconut shell so that it falls like a thread in the boiling water. Move your hands in circular motions.
  • 3)Pour it continuously until the egg yolk in the shell has been used up.
  • 4)By this time the yolk will be cooked. Reduce the heat and remove it without breaking it.
  • 5)Drain the excess syrup well before putting it in the plate. For Kinnathappam - Beat the egg whites well. And then add the leftover mutta mala syrup (sugar syrup) to this. Beat well. Add cardamom powder.  Steam cook in a bowl. Cut into diamond shape when cooled and place above mutta maala.

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    This Muttamala picture looks below average. It doesnt look like actual mutta mala

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