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to make Mysore Pakku
    to make Mysore Pakku
  • 1)Mix together gram flour, sugar and water smoothly.
  • 2)Pour this into a pan and cook on a low heat.
  • 3)Heat ghee in another vessel kept on a low heat and add this ghee to the gram flour stirring continuously. Do this until the mixture turns into a non-sticky paste.
  • 4)Add the soda when it is about to get over and stir.
  • 5)Grease the inside of a large bowl with ghee and pour the cooked mixture on this large bowl. When it is still hot, cut into cubical pieces by drawing parallel lines on its surface.

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    actual preparation of mysore pak....ingredients r same...fry the chick peas flour in 1 spoon of ghee for few min...then inan seperate pan add sugar n water and heat up...stir it well...n when it reaches to one string consisitency(if touched and streched between index and shud stretch like a a thread)in that stage add the ghee..mix it wellfor juz 30 sec.if ghee and sugar syrup get mixed add the flour little by little(one spoon ata time) with ur left hand and stir it wihtout stopping with ur right hand to avoid starts boilng and leaves the sides of the pan....pour thiz mixture into a butter greased mould or a plate that holds thiz mixture....cut it into pieces when itz half cooled with ghee coated knife..


    i tried this recipe,it didnt come out good.I think no need to add water

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