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READY IN 40 Minutes
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to make Paachor - Milk Rice
    to make Paachor - Milk Rice
  • 1)Cook rice in milk and water to very tender, falling apart stage.
  • 2)Melt jaggery in water and simmer to plain syrup stage.
  • 3)Add cooked rice to the melted jaggery, mix and cook on medium-low heat.
  • 4)Heat ghee in a small frying pan and fry cashews and golden raisins to light golden color.
  • 5)Add the whole thing - ghee along with fried cashews and golden raisins to the prepared paachor.
  • 6)Simmer on medium-low heat stirring in-between, until the whole thing thickens a bit and comes together to moist, firm mass.
  • 7)Stir in cardamom powder and mix thoroughly just before turning off the heat.
  • :- Paachor - Milk Rice is ready!!! :- Serve the Paachor - Milk Rice warm or cold.

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