Pesaha Appam (INRI Appam) & Paalukurukku

Monte Thursday appam and paal

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40 min
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  • Pesaha Appam (INRI Appam) & Paalukurukku

Pesaha Appam (INRI Appam) & Paalukurukku

Monte Thursday appam and paal

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Pesaha Appam (INRI Appam) & Paalukurukku


Step 1. Pesaha Appam:
Step 2. Grind urad dal well and add to rice flour.
Step 3. Grind coconut well with kunjulli and add this also to the flour.
Step 4. Mix well with water to idli consistency and add salt.

4)Keep only for 1/2 hour to ferment.
:-To remind of Pesaha.
Step 5. Grease preferably steel plates of medium round shape.
Step 6. Pour batter in one,and make a cross of palm leaf obtained on palm sunday on it.
Step 7. Steam till well done.
Step 8. Make all other appams same way but with no cross.
Step 9. Paalukurukku:
Step 10. Sarkkara urukkuka(molasses syrup)
Take molasses and put the in a saucepan.
Step 11. Add some water and heat well.
Step 12. While boiling,a lather forms, this should be cleaned away.
Step 13. Add cumin and chukku(dried ginger).
Step 14. Seive this through a strainer and you can see lot of stones and dirt in it.
Step 15. The remaining liquid molasses can be kept in a container in the fridge for vey long time.

7)Take a heavy bottomed saucepan and add rice flour.
Step 16. Add molasses syrup,add coconut milk and stir well with no lumps, add water if necessary.
Step 17. Start to heat this mixture in medium heat.
Step 18. Stir continuously.
Step 19. As the sauce thickens(takes some time) add powdered cardamom,add palm leaf pieces and bring to a boil.
Step 20. Take off the stove before it thickens too much.
Step 21. :- Serve hot!!

For pesaha appam we are using garlic and cumin seeds instead of kunjully. You can try with coconut milk also.


Add garlic pods instead kunjulli..


Is cumin seeds and garlic not added to pesaha appam??

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