Potato-Dal Curry

Potato and Toor Dal with coconut

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20 min
Recipe by Kavitha Nair
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  • Potato-Dal Curry

Potato-Dal Curry

Potato and Toor Dal with coconut

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Potato-Dal Curry


Red gram(Thuvaraparippu) - 3/4 cup
Grated coconut - 1 cup
Red chilly powder - 1 tsp
Garlic pod(small) - 1 no


Step 1. Cut onion into cubes and cut green chillies vertically.
Step 2. Pressure cook toor dal with the onions and green chillies adding sufficient water.
Step 3. :- Dal should be cooked well.
Step 4. Grind together coconut with cumin seeds, chilly powder, garlic, turmeric powder and pepper powder in a blender adding enough water.
Step 5. In a vessel, mix cooked toor dal, coconut mixture and potatoes.
Step 6. Cook well adding salt and curry leaves.
Step 7. Cook till the potatoes are done.
Step 8. :- Serve hot with chappathies.

Tried ..came out good ...cant agree with Sridevi as she never know a dal curry made with coconut ...maybe she is not from kerala , though


I tried..was a good dish.

Shalini Panicker

I tried your recipe, my family liked it. Curry is very tasty with chappathies. Saw the rating from Sridevi Jagadeesh. The statement there is no dhal curry with coconut is not true. Kerala parippu curry which is a main dish in sadhyas has dhal and coconut. Also erisseri, some chutneys etc has dhal-coconut combination.

Sridevi Jagadeesh

I wanted to surprise my husband who is a food lover, with yr recipe. After making the Potato Dhal curry he has cautioned me not to use recipes from internet and did not like the same even though fresh coconut was used. Tried the recipe because it mentioned the usage of coconut. Never will a dhal in any planet have coconut. Hence pls remove the recipe from the site.

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Potato-Dal Curry

Potato and Toor Dal with coconut

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