Puttu Kerala Breakfast

Puttu kerala Breakfast Dish

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Recipe by Pinky R
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  • Puttu Kerala Breakfast
  • Puttu Kerala Breakfast

Puttu Kerala Breakfast

Puttu kerala Breakfast Dish

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Puttu Kerala Breakfast


Step 1. Soak rice in water for 4 hrs.
Step 2. Leave it to drain and grind it to make fine powder.
Step 3. Heat the powder for 5 minutes. While heating it, keep on stirring.
Step 4. Keep the fried powder to cool.
Step 5. Mix salt with water and sprinkle this to the powdered rice just to make the powder wet(do not put a lot of water).
Step 6. For making puttu, use PUTTUKUTTI. Put a handful of grated coconut in the puttu kutty and then put rice powder till half followed by another handful of grated coconut. This is done till the top. Close the lid and steam it for 2 minutes.
Step 7. Note : Instead of making puttu powder, you can use rice flour (1 cup) instead and follow the same procedure to make it.
Step 8. :- Serve puttu hot.
Step 9. :- Best combination for puttu is with kadala (chana) curry.
Step 10. :- Puttu is a favorite breakfast in kerala. Puttu is also very easy to make. Now a days you can get puttu powder ready made in all the stores.



Thanks for the recipe..




Receipe is good. Puttu to be more tasty, pls add 2 pinch (1/8th tsp) of Sugar and 1 pinch of jeera seeds (smashed) in the grated coconut and mix it well before putting it in between rice powder in the kutti. This will taste much better.


the easiest way to make instant puttu is,just make sure all the rice powder is wet enough,forget the lumps.then take the wet puttu powder and run them in the grinder for just 2-3 seconds.the puttu powder is ready.this method so ec that u can start wetting the powder after keeping the puttu kodam on the stove with the time the water in the kudam is hot,the puttu powder kootu is ready.for healthier puttu,add rice powder and atta in 1:2 ratio respectively.u can use atta alone too.try it and lemme to my mother who is no more


For those of you who are doubtful about when to stop adding water, after mixing it make a lump out of the wetted mixture and ensure that the lump doesnt break off. Also you can press the mixture between your thumb and index finger and check if the mixture gets flattened off and doesnt break off.


i like it very much


Pinky, what will be the state of the puttu powder after wetting it? When you take a handful and press it, should it form a lump? When i sprinkle water and mix it , i dont feel like it is wet enough. My puttu never turns out well. I make it with chiratta(coconut shell) on the cooker. It comes out like rice powder itself and not like a cooked puttu.Please answer my queries.Thanks in advance.


This is the easiest method to make authentic Kerala Puttu


When the first time you put the rice powder in puttukutti don`t add cocunut.Take out the powder from the kuuti after first step and again add little more water and keep it for ten to fifteen minutes,after that put the cocunut and over that cocunut till the kutti is full.If you prepare like this ,the puttu will remain soft for almost 24hrs.otherwise if you do in one step within one or two hours the puttu will be so hard if you through it on the wall it will bounce back Thanking you thanveer


How can it be done in an idli pot?


this is the one of the easiest way of doing puttu. I used idli pot to cook this dish...very nice and thanks for the recipe




is 2 inutes enough to prepare.i made it form instant nirapara puttu powder.i did steam for more than 5 mts still it was not much water should we take in the kudam.


recipe which is given here is very good

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