Qubani Ka Meetha

A Hyderabadi Sweet made from Dry Apricots

20 min
Recipe by Tanuja Moghe
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  • Qubani Ka Meetha

Qubani Ka Meetha

A Hyderabadi Sweet made from Dry Apricots

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Qubani Ka Meetha


Step 1. Wash and soak the apricots for 3 hrs. Drain off the water.
Step 2. Add fresh water and boil the apricots till soft.
Step 3. Remove from flame and drain off the water.
Step 4. Mash the boiled apricots and remove the seeds and keep aside.
Step 5. Pass the pulp through a sieve so that the fibrous portion is separated from the pure pulp.
Step 6. Put the pulp in a container and heat it till a boil or two. Stir continuously.
Step 7. Add sugar and mix well.
Step 8. Heat for a further 2 minutes.
Step 9. Remove from flame.
Step 10. Pour it in a serving container.
Step 11. Refrigerate after cooling.
Step 12. :- Serve the above with Vanilla Ice Cream. It can also be served with fresh cream with some vanilla essence in it.
:- Qubani ka meetha can be stored for 3 days in refrigerator.
:- The Apricot seeds have almonds in them. You could break open the seeds and use the almonds to top the dessert before serving.
Ruhi Husain

Nice and easy sweet dish to make


its too good.....very tasty. thanks for the recipe


so...good .do u hve some other receipes in desserts ????

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