READY IN 20 Minutes
to make Rava Laddu
    to make Rava Laddu
  • 1)Fry the rava in a pan. Keep aside.
  • 2)Add ghee into the pan and fry the cashewnuts and raisins. Keep them aside too.
  • 3)Fry the coconut in the remaining ghee till it turns reddish and keep it aside too.
  • 4)Place sugar and 1/2 cup of water in a pan on fire.
  • 5)Allow the sugar to get dissolved completely.
  • :- You need not make it into a thick syrup.
  • 6)Add fried rava, fried coconut, fried cashews, fried raisins and cardamom into the pan.
  • 7)Reduce the flame and stir continuously.
  • 8)Remove from the flame.
  • 9)Allow it to cool.
  • 10)Make small balls off the above mixture.
  • :- If you find it hard to shape them into ladoos, do so after dipping your hands in milk. It will be much easier.

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