READY IN 20 Minutes
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to make Sabudana Khichdi
    to make Sabudana Khichdi
  • 1)Wash sago gently. Remove excess water. Keep aside for 1 hour.
  • 2)Loosen the sago and break lumps with figures. Sprinkle a handful of water. Keep aside for 1 hour. Loosen as before.
  • 3)Take in a mixing bowl. Add the peanuts, salt and lime. Mix well with hands or wooden spatula.
  • 4)Heat oil in a non-stick sauce pan.
  • 5)Splutter cumin seeds.
  • 6)Add green chillies and stir.
  • 7)Add potatoes and stir fry till tender.
  • 8)Add sago mixture and stir gently till uniformly mixed.
  • 9)Cover and cook for 5 -10 mins on very low flame. Frequently stir in between.
  • 10)When the sago grains become transparent and soft, add coriander leaves and mix.

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    Thank you so much more this recipe.I was looking for this.


    it is really bad.Regetting for wasting precious time and money for such a dish

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