Veg Pasta Indian Chinese Style

Indian Pasta(Macaroni or Penne) made with Veg, White sauce and in Indian style

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  • Veg Pasta Indian Chinese Style
  • Veg Pasta Indian Chinese Style

Veg Pasta Indian Chinese Style

Indian Pasta(Macaroni or Penne) made with Veg, White sauce and in Indian style

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4 Adult(s)
Veg Pasta Indian Chinese Style


*Mixed vegetables:-
Cauliflower etc(boiled) - 1 cup
Pepper(crushed ) - 2 tsp
Penne or macroni(boiled) - 1 cup
Tomato sauce - 2 tsp
Oil or butter - 2 - 3 tsp
For white sauce:-
Butter - 1 tsp
*The frozen mixed vegetable packets are available in grocery stores abroad.


Step 1. Boil the macaroni or penne in water with a pinch of salt, till its done.
Step 2. Mix together milk and maida without any lumps.
Step 3. Heat butter in a pan.
Step 4. Add the milk+maida mixture, stirring well for 2 - 3 mins. Keep aside.
Step 5. :- Can add little water or milk if it becomes very thick as it should be of sauce consistency.
Step 6. Heat oil or butter in the pan.
Step 7. Saute onions, ginger and garlic, till light brown.
Step 8. Add tomatoes and fry for 3 - 4 mins.
Step 9. Add the boiled vegetables and salt and saute for 3 - 5 mins.
Step 10. Add tomato sauce and pepper.
Step 11. Mix well for 2 mins.
Step 12. Add the boiled penne or macaroni and cook well for 5 mins.
Step 13. Pour the white sauce and mix all the ingredients well.
Step 14. :- Serve Veg pasta hot.
Step 15. :- You can microwave the same with shredded cheese on top, till the cheese melts.
:- Can use chilli sauce or more pepper, if tangy state is required for Veg pasta.

came out very well i loved it:)thanks for the recipe


I was very skeptical about the indian type initially ... but when i made it, my husband just loved it... n now its a part of dinner on a regular basis....Thank u so much for such a recipe!


Tastes good.. i just tried!


Its awesome!! i just tried it!


basic recipe and very easyyyyybut could be a bit spicy

Smita Jyothish

Hmmmm.....It looks yummy.....................My kids love Maccroni. . I was searching some Indian receipe for them with Maccroni and found this. Today evening i will try this and will surely post their comments on this receipe


its realy simple great........................


Excellent recipe! Simply the best Indian twist of Pasta!


I havent tried it,but it seems very tasty,will make it soon.

Deepthy Unni

I even tried with chicken..It was really good..thanks so much for this recipe..and abt Ravi`s comment, we all know that we will get many pasta recipes in internet but it is very difficult for some people to make europen dishes here due to the inavailability of certain ingredients,so all of us can try this kind of recipes in an Indian style....


I tried this recipe. It came out very well. I don’t know what was Ravi`s problem. He went ahead and suggested an all new recipe. He could have posted as a new recipe ,not as comment on sarada`s recipe.

Reply Fan

Was bored and I made it for my roomie. Came out very well. I put a few spices like oregano leaves, sage, basil, etc Gave an Italian tinge to the Indianized recipe.


Recipe looks very good. will definitely try it out. I think the recipe title itself mentions its indian style recipe. then why all the confusion. before posting harsh comments, take a moment to think.

Meriena Rajesh

Thank u for this recipe.It was good.My suggestion would b to leave out the white sauce & add more crushed pepper & chilly sauce to get the Indianised flavour.

Sujatha Raman

Finally something with which I could please my Mother-in-law. Everyone relished eating it. Thanks.


The pasta came out very well! I loved it!!!

Reena Michael

I liked your pasta and it really tastes good and was confused in giving it a try after reading the comment by Mr.Ravi.But it was worth the try.Thanks.

Shoba. S Nath

The veg pasta is tasty but in Indian style and we really enjoyed it for dinner last night.


If its an european recipe that was intended- then there would not be any maida(flour), milk, potato or ginger in the recipe. Diced tomato puree is added and not tomato sauce. Nor chilly sauce. Cream is added sometimes. Or a cheese sauce can be added. But usually tomato and cream are not done together. Mixed herbs( oregano, parsley, thyme, basil) can be added at the end like we sprinkle diced coriander leaves on sambar at the end. If people want an authentic pasta recipe they can just type and find it on google. But the recipe on which i am commenting maybe is something different and indian.

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