Scientific Name :

 Anacardium Occidentale

Medicinal Value :

They are packed with soluble dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and numerous health-promoting phyto-chemicals that help protect from diseases and cancers. Like other nuts Cashew too has an obesity and gallstones fighting property. Presence of high amount of Magnesium ensures healthy bones and teeth structure, while copper produces energy and increases capability of antioxidant defenses. Effects in a healthy heart and bloodstream. Thus, the risk of heart related disease, diabetes and obesity is greatly reduced. Iron controls red-blood cell function and enzyme activity.

Nutrient Value :

Manganese, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium

Culinery and Other Values :

Cashews are eaten as snack, salted or sweetened. Are used in various rice dishes like biriyani, pulao etc. Split or crushed cashew is often sprinkled over desserts.

Glossary :

  • English : Cashewnuts
  • Tamil : Mundhiri Paruppu / Andiparippu
  • Malayalam : Andiparippu / Kashuvandiparippu / Parangi Andi
  • Telugu : Jeedipappu
  • Kannada : Godambi / Geru Beeja
  • Hindi : Kaju
  • Bengali : Hijli Badam
  • Gujarati : Kaju
  • Konkani : Cajjubi / Caaju / Moyi / Kazu
  • Marathi : Kaju
  • Oriya : Kaju / Lanka Ambumanji / Kajubadam
  • Punjabi : Kaju
  • Tulu : Goanku
  • Kashmiri : Kaju