Scientific Name :

Medicinal Value :

Provides good bone strength, low risk to cardio-vascular diseases, reduce the formation of certain cancer cells in our body

Nutrient Value :

Energy, Carbohydrates, Sugars

Culinery and Other Values :

Consumed as a healthy drink across the globe by humans starting from their infancy. Used to make a number of diary products like milk powder, ice creams, yogurts, ghee, butter, cheese, paneer etc. used to make beverages, shakes, sweets, etc. its also used as a skin cleanser.

Glossary :

  • English : Milk
  • Tamil : Paal
  • Malayalam : Paal
  • Kannada : Hallu
  • Hindi : Doodh
  • Gujarati : Dudh
  • Konkani : Doodh
  • Marathi : Doodh