Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

Scientific Name :

Curcuma Longa

Medicinal Value :

Turmeric is used in preparation of medicinal oils, ointments and poultice. Turmeric is stomachic, carminative, tonic, blood purifier, antiseptic and has biopesticidal properties.

Nutrient Value :

rich source of many essential vitamins such as pyridoxine (vitamin-6), choline, niacin, and riboflavin etc, which are essential for optimum health. 100 g herb provides 1.80 mg or 138% of daily-recommended levels of pyridoxine. Pyridoxine is used in the treatment of homocystinuria, sideroblstic anemia and radiation sickness. Niacin helps prevent "pellagra" or dermatitis.contains no cholesterol; but is rich in anti-oxidants and dietary fiber, which helps to control blood LDL or "bad cholesterol" levels

Culinery and Other Values :

Turmeric oleoresin used to flavour brine pickles, mayonnaise, non-alcoholic beverages, butter etc. The color 'curcumin' extracted from turmeric is used for coloring foodstuffs. Also used as dye in textile industry. Turmeric finds application also in cosmetics.

Glossary :

  • English : Turmeric Powder
  • Tamil : Manjalpodi
  • Malayalam : Manjalpodi
  • Telugu : Pasupu
  • Kannada : Arashina / Harasina Pudi
  • Hindi : Haldi / Hardhar
  • Bengali : Halood
  • Gujarati : Hardhar / Haldi
  • Konkani : Haladpito
  • Marathi : Halad / Halede
  • Oriya : Haladi Gunda
  • Punjabi : Haldar / Haldi
  • Kashmiri : Lader
  • Urudu : Haladi