Banana Balls

Fried banana balls with jaggery and coconut filling

Banana Balls

Banana Balls

Fried banana balls with jaggery and coconut filling

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By Sapna Venugopal

Published On: 14 Jul 2006

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30 Minutes
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Step 1

Cook the bananas by steaming them in a pressure cooker by keeping the bananas on an idli stand so as not to let the water get into the bananas.

Step 2

Wait for a whistle and cook it on low flame for 1 - 2 mins and switch off the stove.

Step 3

Once the steam goes, open the cooker and take out the bananas.

Step 4

:- You may not be able to cook all the bananas together the same time. Do it in batches.

Step 5

Peel the bananas and take out the seeds by slitting it open with a knife and taking out the black threads in it.

Step 6

:- You will need a grinding stone for this.

Step 7

Grind the bananas without adding any water at all on the dry grinding stone.

Step 8

:- Once the whole thing is ground, it will look like kneaded atta. This cannot be done in a mixie because it will turn into pulp which is not what we want.

Step 9

Melt the jaggery in a pan and make it into a thick syrup.

Step 10

Reduce the heat and strain the syrup to discard all the dirt in it and pour it back into the pan.

Step 11

Add the grated coconut and cinnamon powder, raisins and chopped cashews.

Step 12

Mix it well with the jaggery and remove from fire and let it cool.

Step 13

Make small balls from the ground bananas.

Step 14

Flatten it a little in your palm and fill it with the jaggery-coconut mixture.

Step 15

Make it into a ball and seal the edges using water.

Step 16

Deep fry it in hot oil till it turns golden brown.

Step 17

:- Serve hot or cold.


the filling can be done in another way also.Its using egg,sugar,cashews,raisins,cardamom powder and coconut if needed...for this, take few eggs,break em and add sugar and stir well.keep it aside.make sure that u add 2 tablespoons of sugar for each egg.else it wont be sweet.heat little ghee in pan, add crushed cashews and add raisins+coconut after sometime...when done, add egg-sugar mixture and keep stirrimng until u get burji like form of egg....add cardamom at the end.This is malabari muslim dish and is called kaayada.I just made it yesterday and came out excellent.


The recipe sounds really yummy. But owning a dry grind stone may not be a possiblity for everyone. Instead can we just mash the cooked bananas by hand or with the back of a spoon?

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