Banana Sukhiyan

Traditional Kerala snack made with Bananas and Jaggery(Sharkkara)

Banana Sukhiyan

Banana Sukhiyan

Traditional Kerala snack made with Bananas and Jaggery(Sharkkara)

Category : Snacks, Pure-Vegetarian

By Rugmini Kamalan

Published On: 09 Sep 2005

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30 Minutes
Served : 4
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Step 1

Cook the plantains well.

Step 2

Remove the black thread-like things from them.

Step 3

Mix it well with powdered jaggery, powdered cardamom and salt.

Step 4

Knead the mixture well and make it into a dough.

Step 5

Heat ghee in a vessel.

Step 6

Put this dough into the hot ghee and slowly cook it.

Step 7

Mix together maida and water and make it into a medium thick batter.

Step 8

Make small balls (lemon size) off the dough.

Step 9

Heat oil in a kadai or a pan and bring it to a boil.

Step 10

Dip the balls into the batter and put them into the oil.

Step 11

Fry them, till they are cooked.

deepa mathew

it is not as good as what it must be

Dee Hess

I tried this recipe and it is a very tasty variation of the Sukhiyan made with Dal. Maureen, to answer your question. Plaintains are the green larger kind of bananas that you mentioned. They ripen and then they appear to have a yellow skin with black marks. You can find it in almost all the US grocery stores or Korean markets.


I am interested to try this but please answer my questions-When you say plantain do you mean the raw green one and how would these be cooked---boiled or baked or does it matter. I ate this sweet at a shop once and I would love to try to duplicate it. Thank you so much and hope to hear back soon.

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