Bread Delight

Tasty Bread Delight With Step by Step Pictures

Bread Delight

Bread Delight

Tasty Bread Delight With Step by Step Pictures

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By Vineetha Biju

Published On: 26 Oct 2014

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20 Minutes
Served : 3
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  • Bread : 1 pack
    Biscuit : 1 pack
    Milk : as needed
    Whipping cream : 1 sachet
    Custard powder : 1/2 tsp
    Ice cream : 1 box of any flavor
    Sugar : as needed
    Vanilla essence : 1.5 tsp
    Chocolate : for decoration
    Pista and raisins : for decoration

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Step 1 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 1

Take a sachet of whipping cream add 150 ml of milk,1.5 tea spoon of vanilla essence and 4 spoon of sugar and beat them.

Step 2 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 2

Take half table spoon of custard powder, 1 spoon of milk and some cold water and mix them well.3) Boil 150 l of milk and add this custard to the boiled milk. Stir them continuously for some time.

Step 3 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 3

Take biscuits and break them into two pieces.

Step 4 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 4

Take bread pieces and remove the sides of bread.

Step 5 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 5

Take a pudding box and pour small quantity of milk to it.

Step 6 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 6

Put the biscuit pieces one by one in the box. The biscuits should be dipped into the milk for some time.

Step 7 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 7

Take some milk in a plate and dip bread into it. Do the same process for all bread.

Step 8 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 8

Squeeze the milk from bread and put that above the biscuit.

Step 9 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 9

Spread some whipping cream and custard to it.

Step 10 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 10

Add some pista pieces and raisins to it.

Step 11 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 11

Put the squeezed bread above the mixture.

Step 12 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 12

Spread some more whipping cream and custard to it.

Step 13 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 13

Add ice cream heavily above the mixture.

Step 14 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 14

Cut the chocolate and pista into small pieces.

Step 15 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 15

Spread these pieces and some raisins above the mixture.

Step 16 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 16

Keep the mixture in freezer for minimum 2 hours. Bring it out exact 10 minutes before you serve.

Step 17 Bread Delight Recipe

Step 17

Cut bread delight into pieces and serve it.

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