Easy Ice Cream

it is very easy to make..believe it

Easy Ice Cream

Easy Ice Cream

it is very easy to make..believe it

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By jijo peter

Published On: 26 Sep 2006

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20 Minutes
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Step 1

Pour the milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla extract into a bowl or other container and mix.

Step 2

Carefully pour the mixture into the 1/2 litre bag.

Step 3

Close the bag leaving some air in the bag, making sure it is completely sealed.

Step 4

Fill the 1 litre-sized bag halfway with ice.

Step 5

Add the salt.

Step 6

Put the sealed 1/2 litre bag into the 1 litre bag.

Step 7

Make sure the 1/2 litre bag gets buried in the ice.

Step 8

Seal the 1 litre bag.

Step 9

Shake the bags vigorously for 5 mins.

Step 10

:- You might want to use a towel to hold them, since they will be very cold and slippery from condensation.

Step 11

Remove the + litre bag, open it up and take a spoon!

Step 12

:- Milk will provide a less rich, lower calorie ice cream, while using heavy cream will have the opposite effect.
This method will make a small amount of ice cream, about enough for two people to enjoy. Experimenting with other methods can allow you to make more. One version uses two coffee cans of differing sizes instead of plastic bags.
:- Flavor combinations are almost limitless. Chocolate syrup is a basic option, while various flavor extracts available in your grocery store`s baking section can lead to more exotic variations. Try combining mint extract with chocolate, or adding small chocolate chips.


My friends made the same thing in their science class!.....they thought it was really good...so i guess its not a bad idea to try it.... :)


New Knowledge for me...Always good to share what you know.Thanks and I will try it out.


This experiment is there in my son`s science book !!i guess you should bring something of your own... anyway it is very cumbersome

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