Easy Ariyunda

traditional kerala sweet

Easy Ariyunda

Easy Ariyunda

traditional kerala sweet

By Lakshmi Ram Nair

Published On: 02 Sep 2013

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1 Hour
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Step 1 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 1

Roast the rice till it turns light brown in colour. Let it cool.

Step 2 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 2

Melt jaggery with water as required.

Step 3 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 3

Mince the peanuts to fine powder.

Step 4 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 4

Mince the roasted rice with cardamom to fine powder in a mixer grinder.

Step 5 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 5

Grind the coconut and melted jaggery to make a smooth paste.

Step 6 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 6

Mix the minced peanuts and rice in a big bowl.

Step 7 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 7

Add jaggery-coconut paste and mix well with your hands quickly.

Step 8 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 8

Add 1 tbsp of melted pure ghee and mix well.

Step 9 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 9

Make small balls out of the mixture.

Step 10 Easy Ariyunda Recipe

Step 10

Serve it as a snack.

Notes :

You can preserve it up to 3-4 days in an airtight

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