Mango And Beef

Galbijiim is one of the most popular Korean dishes made

Mango And Beef

Mango And Beef

Galbijiim is one of the most popular Korean dishes made

Category : Non-Vegetarian, Beef

By Lakshmi Ram Nair

Published On: 25 Oct 2008

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3 Hours
Served : 2
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  • 1. Cut of beef (enough to feed 2 – I used Pot Roast)
    1 Cntr. Sesame Seeds
    3 Scallions
    1 Red Pepper
    1 Ripe Mango
    1 Pkg. Ramen Noodles Salt
    2. Pepper
    3.Olive Oil
    4.Garlic Powder
    5.Soy Sauce


Step 1

Take a fork and pierce the beef all over. Season generously with salt, pepper, and garlic powder on both sides.

Step 2

Heat a large pot (with lid) over a medium-high flame. Get it nice and hot. Drizzle enough olive oil to cover the bottom. Carefully place your beef in the pot, and cover it. For medium-rare-to-medium meat (my recommendation), cook EACH side for 5-7 minutes. When you go to flip, the bottom of the meat should have a nice, almost caramelized color to it.

Step 3

Chop three scallions after trimming the edges. Chop 3/4 of a red pepper. Slice your mango into (apple-slice÷-sized pieces.

Step 4

Flip your beef. Boil water for your ramen, and follow directions on the package. Only we¦re going to throw out the spice packet, and drain when they¦re done.

Step 5

Saute your chopped red pepper by heating a pan over a medium-high heat, and adding the pepper along with little olive oil, and salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. Cook them for only a few minutes (you still want your peppers to have a little body to them). When done, keep the peppers in the pan, but remove it from the heat source.

Step 6

Your beef should be done by now, so take it out of the pot and let it rest. Leave the pot on the burner, but turn off the flame. We¦re going to use it in a few minutes with the mango slices.

Step 7

Re-heat your pan with peppers over a medium-low heat. Once hot, add the ramen, a little garlic powder, half of your scallions, a handful of sesame seeds, and a couple dashes of soy (go light, add more later). Toss quickly, and add a little olive oil and some more soy at the end. Once it¦s nice and hot, remove it from the heat.
Add your mango slices to your beef juices in the leftover pot, along with a drizzle of olive oil, pepper, and a couple dashes of soy sauce. I¦d also recommend covering the slices with either sugar or honey to make sure your mango is as sweet as possible.

Step 8

Slice the beef into strips, and serve that sucker up!

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