this is an Italian dessert. its good and little long process cake. this is can do with rum and also with non alcohol. i prepare d without alcohol


this is an Italian dessert. its good and little long process cake. this is can do with rum and also with non alcohol. i prepare d without alcohol

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By Renukadevi Kumanan

Published On: 08 Feb 2016

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4 Hours
Served : 8
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  • Ladyfingers cookies - 15
    Whipping Cream - 1/2 cup
    Hung Curd - 1/2 cup
    Powdered Sugar - 3/4 cup
    Instant Coffee - 2 tblspn
    Hot Water - 1 cup
    White Chocolate as needed for topping
    Cocoa as needed for topping

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Step 1 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 1

Hung the curd for 4 hours. its release excess water

Step 2 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 2

Now Take coffee powder add hot water mix coffee mixture

Step 3 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 3

I already posted lady finger cookies so follow the steps

Step 4 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 4

Now in bowl add hung curd and add powder sugar beat well

Step 5 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 5

Now add 5 tbsp coffee mixture and mix well

Step 6 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 6

Now beat till the peak . dont beat more curd will curdle

Step 7 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 7

Now beat whipping cream till the peak

Step 8 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 8

Now add whipping cream in hung curd mixture . mix gently

Step 9 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 9

Now take loaf tin and wrap the loaf tin with foil

Step 10 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 10

Now soak cookies in coffee mixture and place in loaf tin

Step 11 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 11

Now finish the first layer of base cookies

Step 12 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 12

Now spread the cream evenly as second layer

Step 13 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 13

Now again arrange third layer of soak cookies

Step 14 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 14

Now again spread all cream and spread evenly

Step 15 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 15

Now keep in fridge over night or 5 hrs minimum

Step 16 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 16

Now keep fork and spoon top of cake

Step 17 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 17

Dust the coca powder with sieve and remove spoon and fork

Step 18 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 18

Now top white chocolate with peeler and sprinkle

Step 19 Tiramisu Recipe

Step 19

Now serve the Tiramisu

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