Tom`S Extra Special

Let`s go step by step...Try SO first.

Tom`S Extra Special | Pachakam

Tom`S Extra Special

Let`s go step by step...Try SO first.

By Tom Phil

Published On: 22 Aug 2002

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20 Minutes
Served : 1
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  • Galliano* - 1/4 oz
    Cointreau** - 1/2 oz
    Irish cream - 1/2 oz
    *Galliano Italian herbal liqueur
    Established towards the end of the 19th century
    this yellow herbal liqueur was named after an Italian military hero. Its popularity abroad
    other than among Italian expatriates
    is of quite recent origin
    and is a remarkable example of the fortunes of a brand being founded on a single mix —the Harvey Wallbanger. From this has sprung a huge demand for Galliano as a straight liqueur
    in mixed drinks and for cooking.
    also known as Liquore Galliano
    is a sweet
    yellow Italian herbal liqueur. It is flavored with various herbs
    flowers and spices
    including anise
    licorice and vanilla
    giving it an unique taste.
    ** Cointreau
    Most famous crystal clear spirit
    Cointreau has been a worldwide legend since its creation in 1849. Its authentic qualities
    150 years heritage
    and its presence in virtually every bar in the world
    make Cointreau one of the most famous crystal clear spirits. The strength of a unique spirit combined with the subtle harmony of bitter and sweet oranges. Every sip of Cointreau is an extraordinary
    multi-sensory taste journey. It begins with the scent of oranges
    then the chill of ice
    leading to the strength of alcohol. This is followed by a smooth
    warming sensation and the lingering afterglow of bitter and sweet oranges.
    Classic but always contemporary
    Cointreau promises a rich and intense taste journey
    whether served neat
    on ice
    in cocktails or with mixers.


Step 1

Shake and strain.


this is excellent...its a waste of time to only those who don`t know the basics of beverages.


Too good ........

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