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all purpose flour, milk and raisins
all purpose flour, strawberry , egg
almond ,, vermicelli and sago
banana, egg, all purpose flour
banana, egg, cake flour
basmathi rice, milk
bread, milk, koya. sugar syrup
butterscotch sauce, flour and jaggery
chocolate , wipping cream, cherry
chocolate chips, peanut butter, flour
coaco powder, all purpose flour, whipping cream
coffee powder, all purpose flour, butter
coffee powder, cocoa powder, flour
cream cheese, cookies, sour cream
dark chocolate, fresh cream, oil
egg, black butter, chocolate ganache
egg, cream cheese
hung curd, saffron, nuts
ice cream, badam pisin, milk, koya
jam, bread dough
lady finger cookies, hung curd,coffee mixture
lemon, egg, flour
maida, red color. cocoa
mango pulp, egg, sugar
mango, gelatin, cream cheese, whipping cream
milk, custard powder, choco chips
mixed nuts and fruits
more flavour of ice cream, sponge cake, sugar syru
peanut butter banana
red rice flake
rice batter jaggerry
rice flour, jaggerry
semolina / rave
sugar, butter and whipping cream
thinai(foxtail millets)
urad dal
vermicelli, ice cream
watermelon rind
wheat nattu sakara butter
wheat, carrot
whipping cream and condensed milk
whipping cream and condensed milk and coco powder
whipping cream and condensed milk and strawberry p
white chocolate compound ,fresh cream
white chocolate, all purpose flour, cherry

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