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all spices and toor dal
aloo , peas
aloo and mutter
aloo gopi
aloo, all purpose flour
aloo, channa
aloo, cheese, wheat
aloo, mutter, cream
arisi(rice), butter milk
baby corn , potato
baby potato, red chili, jeera, pepper
banana , raw rice
banana dry druit and nuts
banana, butter, tomato
banana, mixed vegetables, rice noodles (idiyappam)
banana, mushroom
beetroot , tomato and butter
beetroot , wheat
beetroot leaf
beetroot, idiyappam
besan flour, butter milk
besan flour, coriander
big brinjal
boiled pea
bottle gourd
bottle gourd, carrot, brinjal(eggplant)
bread dough, vegetables
bread, milk, moong dal
bread, potato, chow chow
bread, spices
brinjal , rice
brinjal / kattirikkai
broccoli, flour
broccoli, wheat flour, garam masala
brown rice
capsicum, garlic, green chili
carrot , wheat
carrot, corn meal
carrot, ginger, coconut
carrot, idly batter / rice flour/ instant batter f
carrot, potato, coconut
channa , brinjal
channa dal
channa dal, toor dal
channa, coe pea, green gram
channa, rice
channa, yogurt
chapatti, corn, cheese
cheese, butter, milk, bread
chickpea, sesame seed, pita bread
chow chow
chow chow ( chayote squash)
coconut, tamarind
coconut,cashew nuts
corn capsicum
cucumber , red rice flakes
cucumber bread
cucumber capsicum curd
cucumber, poha(aval)
curry leaves
dal , methi leaves
dal, idly batter and ghee
dosa batter , ghee
dosa batter, carrot, onion,tomato, idly podi, mint
double beans
double beans , chow chow
drumstick pumpkin
drumstick, mixed vegetables
drumsticks (murungakkai)
egg plant, onion, tomato and potato
eggplant, mustard seed
field beans , potato
fried gram , onion, tomato
fried gram, garlic
garlic , all purpose flour
garlic and cheese
garlic tomato
green capsicum
green chili
green gram and green chilli
green gram( pachapayar)
guava ( koiyakka)
hakka noodles, mushroom
horse gram
idiyappam, dal
idly batter, peanut
idly batter/ instant batter mix
idly rice, raw rice, urad dal, fenugreek
ivy gourd (kovakkai)
jack fruit, tamarind
kabhul channa, spices
kabhuli channa
kathirikkai, idly podi
kodo millets ( varagu)
kollu, rice
kondakadalai kathirikkai( chickepea, brinjal)
kovakkai( ivy gourd )
leftover rice
leftover rice , rice rawa
lemon, idiyappam
maida, mixed vegetables, garlic and green chili,sz
mango, red chili, funnel seed, gingelly oil
methi leaves, wheat and besan flour
methi paneer
milagu, tamarind, coconut
millets and grains and nuts
mint , coconut
mint , wheat flour
mint, all purpose flour
mint, coriander , curd
mint, coriander, maida
mint, semiya
mint, sooji ( rava)
mint, toor dal
mint, vegetable
mixed vegetable and coconut, cashew
mixed vegetable, fried bread , rice
mixed vegetables
mixed vegetables chapathi
mixed vegetables , capsicum
mixed vegetables , schezwan sauce
mixed vegetables , soya paneer
mixed vegetables, cheese, chapathi
mixed vegetables, paneer
mochakottai and brinjal
moong dal, bajra
moong dal, sago, aval(poha)
moong dal, vegetables
mor, toor dal
murungakkai, coconut
mushroom , cheese, bread
mushroom , paneer
mushroom , paneer, capsicum
mushroom and cabbage
mushroom, baby corn, capsicum
mushroom, bread
mushroom, carrot
mushroom, chapathi and curd
mushroom, paneer
noodles, coriander, cashew
noodles, paneer
noodles, vegetables, chaat masala
onion, tomato, red chili
pacha sundakkai( turkey berry )
palak dal
palak, paneer
palak, wheat flour
paneer , dosa batter
paneer, capsicum
paneer, chapathi, sprouted green gram
paneer, cheese, all purpose flour
paneer, mushroom, butter
paneer, tomato
panneer, cheese, heavy cream
pasta mushroom paneer and bread
peanut , toor dal, rice batter
pearl sago
peas, fresh cream
peri peri sauce , noodles , mixed vegetables
periperi sauce, paneer
pineapple , dal
pineapple , rice
pizza dough , vegetables and cheese and herbs
pizza dough, corn, cheese
ponnakani , rice
potato , honey
potato, ladies finger, califlower
potato, peas
potato, wheat flour
pudalangai (snake gourd)
pumpkin and milk and all purpose flour
pumpkin and rice flour
pumpkin carrot potato
quinoa, vegetable
raagi wheat ( godumai)
radish, wheat
ragi ( finger millets)
ragi carrot onion
ragi coconut sugar powder
ragi flour
ragi flour , idly batter
ragi, nattu sakara
ragi, onion
ragi, radish
rajma , brinjal
rava, moong dal, ghee
raw mango
raw mango and curd
raw mango, garlic, coconut
raw pappaya
raw rice and coconut
raw rice and urad dal
raw rice, peas
red chili, channa, urad dal toor dal
red chili, garlic
red rice flakes, carrot
red rice flakes/ poha, powder jaggerry, coconut
red, yello, green capsicum and rice
rice batter
rice batter, jaggery
rice, toor dal
ridge gourd
ridge gourd , tomato
ridge gourd skin(peerkangai thol)
samai ( little millets)
samai (little millet), moong dal
semiya , curd
semiya , vegetables
semiya/vermicelli, carrot & green peas
snake gourd potato
sooji, curd, carrot
sorghum millet ( cholam)
soya chunks aloo
soya chunks and coconut paste
soya chunks, peas, basmathi rice
spouted green gram
spring onion
strawberry , tomato, dal
sukku(dry ginger )
sweet potato ,vatha kuzhambhu podi
sweet potato, dosa batter
sweet potato, wheat flour
sweetpotato, wheat flour
thinai (foxtail millets)
thinai , vegetables
thinai(foxtail millets)
tinnai (foxtail millets) pasiparuppu
tofu, butter
tofu, mixed vegetables
tomato, coconut
tomato, rice sevai
tomato, wheat flour
toor dal
toor dal,
toor dal, coriander seed
toor dal, spinach
toor dal, tomato
toordal, butter milk
urad dal, channa dal
urad dal, wheat
valaipoo, coconut milk
valaipoo, dal, rice
varagu rice and mixed vegetables
vazhaipoo , toor dal
vermicelli, ghee, onion
violet cabbage. chapathi
violet cabbage. rice
watermelon rind
wheat , sesame seed
wheat flour mint and coriander
wheat flour, besan flour , methi
wheat rava, curd
wheat, bread
wheat, paneer, mixed veg
wheat, potato and peas
wheat, roasted gram
whole wheat flour, maida and baking powder
yam, red chili powder, oil,
yello pumpkin
yellow pumpkin, white pumpkin, broad bean , filed

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