Banana Flower Bonda
Banana flower bonda is a special and different snack to prepare in evenings. They are highly nutritive and serve as a filling snack. The banana flower is cleaned boiled and strained then ground with chilli ,fennel seeds and ginger salt. This paste is added to the flours and mixed with chop onions and curry leafs . These are made to small balls and deep fried to taste.
Servings Prep Time
4people 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 20minutes
  • banana flower 1 cup –
  • Green chilli : 2 –
  • Ginger : small piece –
  • besan flour 1/2 cup –
  • rice flour 3 sp –
  • Salt to taste –
  • onion chop 1/2 cup –
  • curry leaf few –
  • coriander leaf few –
  • Oil to deep fry –
  1. boil banana flower in water and strain it
  2. grind it with ginger , fennel and green chillis
  3. in a bowl add besan flour, rice flour, salt
  4. to it add onion, grind paste, curry and coriander leaf and sprinkle water to make small balls
  5. deep fry in oil and serve